The project on the local level

 The following municipal libraries took part in the project:

Albano, Anzio, Bracciano, Cerveteri, Civitavecchia, Colleferro, Frascati, Genzano, Grottaferrata, Marino, Mentana, Monterotondo, Segni, Tivoli, Velletri.


North-western district

Bracciano – LS "Ignazio Vian"
Leisure time in Bracciano from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century.
Social life in Bracciano, over the two centuries, as shown in the documents illustrating the favourite local cultural and sports activities.

Cerveteri – IIS “Enrico Mattei” 
The Saflac brickworks from the 1930s to the 1970s.
The history of the Saflac (Società anonima fornace laterizi e affini Cerveteri) brickworks, set up in the 1930s in a backward economic and social setting characterized by farm and seasonal labour.

CivitavecchiaLC “Padre Alberto Guglielmotti
The figure of Fr. A. Guglielmotti: transcription and analysis of some handwritten letters
The figure of Fr. Guglielmotti, historian, theologian, librarian and traveller, after whom the high school is named, is reconstructed through the study of his letters.

Rignano Flaminio – ITCG “Pier Luigi Nervi”
Stories that make history.
The words of witnesses reconstruct the setting, with witness reports on the railway accident of 15 November 1943 on the Northern Rome Line, with the background of stories told about the occupation of the area by the Germans.

North-eastern district

 Fontenuova – ITC "Via 2 Giugno" former "Minniti"
Once upon a time there was Tor Lupara: historical reports and memories as told by Salvatore Vicario, author of various books including “Fonte Nuova entra nella storia”.
The origins of Fontenuova are explored through the memories of a local historian.

GuidoniaLS “Ettore Majorana
From an old parchment, a piece of history.
The study of a parchment, a notary document from the 16th century, describing the disputes under way between the territories of Tivoli and Montecelio.

 Monterotondo – LC “Gaio Valerio Catullo”
Monterotondo from 1920 to 1925.
A glance at the life of the town through the history of the major families, scholastic education, the birth of the cooperatives, and the activities of the Agrarian University.

Subiaco – ITCG “Quarenghi”
...Barefoot towards Vallepietra.
The original images of a film are the backdrop for the historical reconstruction of the traditional procession to the Sanctuary of Vallepietra.

Tivoli  -IIS c/o IPIA Villa Braschi
Family Albums.
An investigation through the generations: genealogical trees, photographs and interviews with relatives provide stories about war and migration, labour and living conditions.

 Tivoli – LC “Amedeo Di Savoia”
Literary Vice-Mayor: Salvatore Multineddu. The classical high school and the Municipality of Tivoli after World War I (1920-1922).
The biography of an intellectual, who was Vice-Mayor and a teacher at the Tivoli classical high school from 1910 to 1922, offers a view of the cultural and political life in Tivoli, from the age of Giolitti to the early post-war years.

Tivoli - The San Giuseppe Fair in Tivoli.
Surveying the events through newspaper reports, interviews with the citizens, the mayor and his predecessor, the report tells the story of this traditional festival, still much loved in Tivoli.

TivoliITIS “Alessandro Volta”
The origins of technical education in Tivoli.
The study on the origins of technical education in Tivoli shows how it is closely related to the local natural resources.

 Southern area

Albano Laziale – IPSSCT "Nicola Garrone"
The streetcar of memory.
The work tells of the history of STEFER, following its development and transformations from its foundation in 1899, over a period of almost 60 years.

Anzio – LS “Innocenzo XII
Villa Sarsina in the Anzio landscape.
Description of the old villas in Anzio and its environs, with particular reference to Villa Sarsina, from a historical, artistic and architectural point of view.

Ariccia - LC “James Joyce”
Aricia, statio e mutatio on the Appian Way.
The research follows the Appian Way, with a study on the archaeological remains of the ancient stopover and exchange stations, were travellers used to rest.

Ariccia – LC “James Joyce”
Frascati 8 September 1943 (Orfanatrofio Micara).
The bombing of the orphanage that took place in Frascati on 8 September 1943 is recalled through interviews and photographs.

 Colleferro – ITIS “Stanislao Cannizzaro”
ITIS and history: from the idea to reality.
Profile of the history and current status of technical institute, from its original vocation of studies in chemistry to the addition of mechanical science, electronics and telecommunications. The transformations of the school respond to changes in society and industry.

Frascati – IPSSCT “Maffeo Pantaleoni”
Traces of memory: Frascati 8 September 1943.
Through songs, poems, photographs, newspapers and films from the period, the students narrate life in the Frascati community in wartime, and the drama of the bombing of 8 September 1943.

Genzano – IISS “S. Pertini”
A building throughout the 20th century.
The research examines the school building, inaugurated in November 1939 and based on rationalist architecture, designed to host the “Casa del Fascio”, local headquarters of the Fascist Party.

Genzano – IISS “Sandro Pertini” (IGEA)
The image of the Alban Hills, between historical reality and literary invention.
The image of the local area represented by Stendhal’s novel "The Abbess of Castro”, set in the 16th century, is compared with the study of the places described by the writer in the 19th century.

Grottaferrata – LS “Bruno Touschek”
The ruins attributed to the tomb of the consul Marcus Metilius Regulus.
The suggestion of a possible error in the signposting for these archaeological remains has led to the reconstruction of its correcting dating; the students communicated the results of the study to the municipal authorities, who corrected the sign.

Segni – ITSCG “Pier Luigi Nervi”
When the walls speak of history.
Visiting the palaces in Segni, with a survey of the history, art, architecture and local traditions, with their roots in the old Municipal Statutes.

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