A short history of the review

The foundation of the review
On 23 June 1952, following the redefinition of rules regarding the elections and the functioning and jurisdiction of the branches of the provincial administration, Rome held the second post-war provincial elections. Less than two years later, the Province of Rome decided it was necessary to start up a periodical called “Rassegna del Lazio”, as an instrument of communication, in order to provide the public with information, news and reports on its activities.
From 1954 and until 1975, the “Rassegna del Lazio” was the official periodical of the provincial administration, and provides a highly significant testimony of the history of the institution.
The 1950s and 60s
As highlighted in the editorial by the President Giuseppe Sotgiu, published in the first issue of January 1954, the review devoted considerable space to the administrative activities of the Province and the sessions of the Council and executive, while at the same time expressing the desire of the provincial administration to highlight its role in regional planning, setting itself up as the driving force in the Lazio area in view of the new political and territorial conditions. The areas included economic and social development, agriculture and industry, tourist organization and roads. In the 1950s and ’60 the publication contained numerous articles on these topics, with research, analyses, studies and proposed plans for regional development. There were also essays on historical and cultural topics covering the whole of Lazio.
The 1970s
In the 1970 just two issues of the review were published, and in 1971 a single issue was published, almost entirely dedicated to the centenary of the foundation of the Province of Rome. Publications resumed regularly from November 1972.
The editorial by the President Giorgio La Morgia, which opened the new series, introduced new orientations of the review such as the political and institutional relationship between the recently established regions and the provinces, as well as the main issues emerging in the early 1970s, such as the protection and enhancement of the cultural and environmental resources. We can recall in particular the series called “Le inchieste della Rassegna” written by various experts or the many journalists collaborating with the magazine.
The specific matters regarding the institutional functions of the provincial administration were published in the monthly supplement “Rassegna del Lazio Attualità”, with an issue being published in May 1970, but not resuming until November 1972.
Editorial organization
The various Presidents of the Province were always the managing editors of the review. The management, operational offices and administration were at Palazzo Valentini, and a special room was set up for magazine staff at the offices of the library. In the 1960s there was no formal staff of journalists, but in practice the librarian in charge of the Provincial Library fulfilled the editorial duties involved in the review, while special events were covered by the various Councillors. At least two library directors, Elio Providenti and Roberto Mattia, collaborated actively in book reviews and reports, while Roberto Mattia also wrote on historical and cultural matters.
In 1970, a chief editor, Romano Magnolfi, was appointed, but it was not until 1975 that we find an editorial committee consisting of Council Members belonging to all the political parties; the chief editor was journalist Bartoloni. Then, after only two issues were produced following the setting up of the editorial committee, the review was definitively ended in December 1975, while the supplement “Attualità” had stopped publication in the previous May, probably because of budget difficulties.
“Rassegna del Lazio” was distributed to all the local authorities and official institutions in Lazio, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, publishers of newspapers and magazines and public bodies such as the National Association of Italian Municipalities, the Union of Italian Provinces, the Regional Union of the Provinces of Lazio, Universities and public enterprises in Rome and Lazio.

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